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Formed: 1980
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There is more than one artist sharing this name: 1-The only currently active Europa is based out of Orlando, FL. This name was chosen due to the bands fascination with space, most notably Jupiter's satellite Europa and it's speculated capacity to support life. They feature a progressive/alternative style with a wide range of influences and dynamics. Europa is Santiago Mesa (Vocals/Guitar), Phil Alberts (Guitar), Grant Clark (Drums). They are self-releasing high quality demos for free and are gaining a loyal Florida following. music and free downloads can be found here: 2-Europa is the name of a Canadian new wave band. Formed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, by Russ Psooy (vocals), Ian Thorlakson (vocals, synths) and Nick Muruve (synths), Europa's style was heavily influenced by the European new wave. The band did not issue any recordings, and only played locally, but are noteworthy for being one of the first Canadian bands, along with Rational Youth, to forego guitars and rely entirely upon synths and drum machines to make their music. The sole known recording of their original material is a television programme from 1984, which can be found on YouTube. The band's name was taken from a now-defunct chain of convenience stores. Videos from the Technomode television programme can be found at: 3-Europa is also a Valencian New Wave-Minimal synthpop act related to Glamour and Fanzine that released a few demo tapes before turning into the more successful Ultima Emocion.

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"Same Old Song"
"Can You Believe"
"All On Me"
"The Ground"
"No Podemos Continuar"
"Te Esperare"

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