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Formed: 2010
Hometown: Ocala, FL.
Upcoming Shows: 0
Don't Look Back

Emerging from the Central Florida pop-punk scene, Don't Look Back brings forth a solid sound that combines catchy punk rock riffs with the dark tones of modern day mainstream.

Since 2013, all 5 members of the group have worked hard to establish a unique sound that attracts not only one type of listener, but all kinds. Whether it's the old school, melodic pop-punk sounds of bands such as New Found Glory and Rufio or the heavier, chunky chugs of Senses Fail and Silverstein; Don't Look Back unifies everything, forming a solid sound that keeps you coming back for more.

In September of 2014, the band released their first 5-song EP, mixed and mastered by Andrew Karpovck of ABKA Studios. It instantly got the attention of new listeners and fellow artists around the world. Since its initial release, videos for popular tracks such as "Take it Back", "Failwell" and "Silent Treatment" have been created, becoming increasingly popular across YouTube. Available on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and more, their self-titled release is making its footprint in the modern rock scene.

Founding members Brent Zaniewski and Chris Sarrica formed Don't Look Back in 2011, subsequently releasing their first single "Our Only Hope" recorded with head engineer Will Snyder at Real Feel Recording Studio in Orlando, FL. The single found its way to radio stations across the state and gained the group an instant following in the weeks that followed. Over the years since, the group has lost a few members due to major life events.

Youngest member and lead vocalist, Mike Staples was introduced to the group through a previous member. His extraordinary talent for song writing and powerful vocals were an instant hit with everyone, solidifying his position as the frontman for the group. Filling sweet bass lines like none other is Tags, who grew up with and played in previous bands with Brent and Chris. Paying homage to playing styles of Mark Hoppus (Blink 182) and Ian Grushka (New Found Glory), Tags brings a certain life to the songs that punch hard and bleed through beautifully. Guitarist Brent Zaniewski met percussionist Cliff Baker, after he recently moved down from New York with his wife and son. After sharing similar musical backgrounds and a single session with the group—his upbeat, positive attitude towards music and rock-solid skills behind the kit made it clear it he was meant for DLB.

On stage, Don't Look Back brings a highly energetic performance that's always a treat to watch. Their motto: "Play every show like it's your last and never treat any audience as inferior, whether it's 10 or 10,000 people." The band is currently booking shows inside and out of Florida, including festivals and charity events.

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