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Dollar Signs

Charlotte via Burlington North Carolina band that plays punk music with acoustic instruments. It's 3 parts funny, 2 parts angry, and a million parts "what the hell is their problem?" Incorporating bitter honesty with a tongue and cheek sarcasm Dollar Signs shouts their way through exploring themes of political hopelessness to blowing off girls because Terminator 1 was playing on television.

Wednesday • January 30, 2019
01/30/19 – Loosey’s
Event Time: 9:00pm
Leg Biters, Late Bloomer, Dollar Signs Loosey's

Dollar Signs Videos (15)

"~ Don’t Be Yourself"
"~ Party Time!"
"/ Party In The U$a!"
"~ Hikikomori"
"I’m Better Than You By Kanye West"
"~ It’s Raining, I’m Sad"
"I’m Better Than You By Kanye West"
"~ Moving Song"
"~ 2011: A Wasted Odyssey"
"~ Throwing Up Blood On Rainbows"
"I Have A Lot Of Money By Jay Z"
"~ Moving Song"
"The Pizza Man Cometh"
"I’m Better Than You By Kanye West"
"~ Don’t Be Yourself"