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1) A kick ass DJ from Malta (Europe) 2) It would take a heftily-sized book to name Ruby's full list of achievements here, but as Malta's dance scene moved on from strength to strength throughout the years right up until now, Ruby was, is, and will always be respected and recognised as Malta's pioneer of dance music. Nearly two decades in his profession he have reaped every reward there is to gather in the DJ world, and that's due to his hard work, tireless commitment and ultimately, the guarantee of precise mixing, cutting-edge tunes and a positive, energetic party atmosphere he always delivers. No wonder why Ruby has a huge fan base that follows his every activity with blind faith! A successful radio show on Malta's prime radio station 89.7 Bay, playing alongside the planet's top DJs on a regular basis, a residency with Renaissance in Malta, an events promotions venture he co-owns and runs (Pure), appearances on MTV, awards galore, a gigs diary that is now more looking like an atlas and a recording artist with regular releases... there is nothing that Ruby has seen that hasn't been conquered. DJ Ruby... Pushing Malta to the forefront of the dance music world!

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