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Formed: 2000
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Disco Feat. Gregg Cee

There are more artists using the name Disco: 1) Disco is a Finnish synth-pop band 2) An english-speaking rapper from Berlin , Germany, but grown up in Texas. www.myspace.com/discoberlin 3) Disco (or Disco. or DisCo or DisCompany or later and more famously known as Disco Ensemble) is also a hardcore / post-hardcore / emo band from Pori, Finland. 4) Disco is a D-beat band from Southern California. 5) Disco is a Welsh punk band. 6) Disco was a Swedish breakcore/experimental digital hardcore-project in the 90's. Started of as Marmelad, changed name to e.g. smith and is today named melodija. www.wang-electronics.com 7) Disco was a German independent rock band (90s)from Hamburg

Disco Feat. Gregg Cee Videos (15)

"Freakin Disco"
"Disco Freakin"
"Disco Levottomat Tuulet"
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"Disco Dancer"
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"Freakin’ Disco"
"Disco Dance"
"Disco Kidz Starlite"
"Disco Levottomat Tuulet"
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