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Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
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DigDog is the fusion of joy and knowledge without limit. This group of heroes travels the interdimensional landscape spreading the fruits of this fusion and sharpening the blade of its majesty. To be in their light is a gift indeed.

In order to deliver the good news of Gertrude to all in this dimension, DigDog has taken the form of three human beings and they will not be stopped. Brad Metz, Jack Ringca and Alexei Dotsenko are the messengers and the joy you feel in their music is the message. They come forth wielding the tools of the traditional "power trio". But, they are so much more. It is easy to label their sound as "Party Prog" or "Tard Core". However, those that have heard it only refer to it as "The one true gospel".

As is the case with most truth, the ideal way to experience DigDog is live and in the flesh. However, all good missionaries need a way to spread the word and as such, DigDog has recorded two full length albums, "Early Reiser" and "Phatty Reiser". And to continue the building of the kingdom, they will be producing a third album entitled "Beaver Pilar" and in short time headline their own many tours. You will have no choice but, to feel the love.