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Formed: 1980
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There are multiple artists with the name Dharma: 1. Dharma is a SOLO-BAND project from Indonesia. inspired by various music genres. A perfect combination of talent and vision. Musicality and motivation. Business and pleasure. Building passion and emotion. A representation presented by Tommy Dharma Wiratama, a singer and song writer. Through the variety of his works which clearly show his opinion about the meaning of"ideal" of his music. It shows from the sound selection, tight arrangement, catchy theme, the harmony of witty vocal rhyme, added with the application of acoustic instruments which enrich the musicality of Dharma. http://soundcloud.com/dharmaformusic DHARMA merupakan sebuah kerjasama antara Tommy Dharma Wiratama (vocal), Singgih Kartika Nugraha (bass, baritone guitar), Kenny Prehara (guitar), Reno Ferthano (drum, percussions), Pahala Kazhari (guitar), dan Yandie Antonio (keys), untuk membuat lagu-lagu yang mewakili musikalitas, juga bakat dan visi mereka. Bagi Dharma, musik adalah dedikasi, usaha tiada henti, untuk mengasah diri dan terus membangun reputasi. Keinginan terbesar Dharma adalah bisa menginspirasi, dan tentunya: menghibur para pendengarnya. Tidak juga berharap, namun lebih menginginkan pendengar untuk menikmati karya-karya mereka. 2. Dharma is an italo disco artist known for the release of "Plastic Doll" in 1982 on the record label "System Music". 3. Dharma is an Italian band (http://www.myspace.com/dharmanoise). Since 1999 the band oozes with psychedelic music through different shapes and human features. Since a few lunar cycles ago the sounds that come out from six hands and two legs have become sour, dilated and free. Sometime the vibrations hit strongly in the stomach. A lot of people says that Dharma plays heavy-psych, someone calls it stoner, no one calls it pop. 4. Dharma is a funk drum and bass musican who produces most of his work with Prob in there recodring stuido in Helsinki. Dharma is now part of nine2five team after having already released drum & bass on Audio Couture ('Soul Warrior') and Straight Up Breakbeat ('Dopenology') and on the net label www.mono211.com with the song dance to drummer's beat, which Dharma plays live bass and guitar with Panu Syrjänen on tenor sax. The name Dharma come from a eastern ideology associated with religion. dictating the right way you to live your life. 5. There is another band called Dharma. A hungarian metal band, with gothic electric rock elements. Their music contains a wide range of music style- including Modern Metal , Ambient , Folk with soul-searching lyrics creating what they call an Oriental Dark Metal style. They have a female singer. http://www.myspace.com/dharmaofficial 6. Female musician from Texas, with releases on Skrot Up. http://myspace.com/dharma2 7. Small band from Czech Republic. They play grunge, rock or something like that... Most of their songs are covers of Nirvana. http://bandzone.cz/dharma 8. A Hungarian MC from Óbuda

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"Es Veneno"
"¿quién Eres Tú?"
"Una Señal"
"Plastic Doll"
"Material Equivalence"
"Una Y Otra Vez"
"Una Y Otra Vez"
"Plastic Doll"
"Eh Oh (al Compás Del Fútbol)"

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