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Destroyer of Light

Austin-based doom band, Destroyer of Light, formed in the beginning of 2012. Each member coming from different bands wanted create slow, heavy, riff-induced music and bring it to the masses. Gathering influences from a variety of different styles, each member brings their flavor to the table, and the music speaks for itself. Destroyer of Light is a 4-piece band consisting of Steve Colca on guitars/vocals, Keegan Kjeldsen on lead guitar, Mark Mars on bass, and Kelly "Penny" Turner on drums. As of now, a Self-Titled EP has been released for distribution digitally and soon vinyl providing 6 songs. With this release, they plan to tour, share, and promote the music in anyway possible. May the power of the riff compel you!

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"Greet Death"
"Greet Death"
"Asteroid (live)"
"2012 Coffin Hunter"
"Greet Death (live)"
"The Swamp"
"The Virgin (studio Version W/lyrics)"

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