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Formed: 2000
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Dear & Glorious Physician

As Dear & Glorious Physician, the Westfalls have honed a sound caught between two eras: think art-rock 70's (ala Talking Heads) and mid-90's college rock (ala Pixies). Brothers Charles and Andrew began collaborating seriously in the summer of 2002 and after several permutations, additions and subtractions, the band took its ultimate shape in the early 2005 with the addition of sisters Jillian and Robin. Relentlessly covering the southeastern US, Dear & Glorious Physician have quickly become a regional favorite within the independent music circuit. Storming onto the stage or out of your speakers, the experience of Dear and Glorious Physician is to encounter a violent young art form. It's all kunst, all cream, and all kick.

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"Dear & Glorious Physician At The Atlantic 11.16.13"

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