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Formed: 1986
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Dead (Australia)

there are 8 acts using the name DEAD: #1: some bitch ass kid making emo ass trap beats #2: DEAD was founded in early May 1990 by Uwe (b/v), Dany (g/v) & Peter (d/v). Main target at that time was playing Gore/Grind/Death in its rawest form ala good old (!) Carcass, Pungent Stench, etc. But lyrically it was totally replaced after the release of the 2nd 7"ep "Slaves to abysmal perversity" by the nowadays well-known dirty humour... DEAD split up on 22nd May 1998 - on their last gig at the "FTC II" - Festival. Without any promotion, DEAD was invited for one single surprise-gig in their hometown Nuremberg in winter 2001 ( see "Saturdaynight Grind Fever 2001" ep). 3 years later DEAD was reformed for an invitation in Japan by Obliteration Rec. to do a mini tour in October 2004. After this happening the rumour was spread that DEAD would be back again, of course. Many offers for live gigs in 2005 followed, but Peter didn't want to play for the band anymore as he (still) had besides other bands that he liked more to join. The result of this decision was that Christoph (also drummer of Maggot Shoes) had been quickly implemented in the band as a firm member to keep DEAD and its tradition alive... #3: The remainder of the band the Grateful Dead now tour as simply the Dead in respect to Jerry Garcia, who died late in 1995. Since then, whenever the rest of the band goes on tour they are simply 'The Dead.' #4: Depressive black metal / ambient band formed in 2008 as a side-project by three different bands; All the Cold (Rus), Black Hate (Mex) and Fornicatus (Fin). With lyrical themes surrounding pain, failure and solitude the band released a demo called "Hanging Illusions" on tape in 2009. A split with ... and Vidharr named "Cold Journey Through Madness" was released in 2011. As of 2011 they have split up. #5: American minimal ambient producer (sometimes referred to as is...dead) #6 A classic old school death metal band formed in 1984 from Florida. Had strong ties with Amon, Executioner, Brutality and Morbid Angel. #7: Former member of black metal band Mayhem. He commited suicide in 1991. #8: Sludge/Punk act from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #9: Melodic Hardcore band from Gävle, Sweden

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