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Hometown: Wilmington, NC
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D&D Sluggers

"D&D Sluggers is the solo venture of Tim White, a musician that seamlessly blends electronic instrumentation with indie-rock inspired guitar work and pop-punk driven melodies. (The) songs are built at their core through a Nintendo DS and fleshed out with White's infectious vocal melodies and simplistic yet rhythmically dense guitar work. Through a combination of loops and organic instrumentation, D&D Sluggers build brilliant and quirky tracks with minimal arrangements, but they're liable to get you dancing along in no time flat." - Grant Golden

From touring with MegaRan, Coolzey, and Shinobi Ninja, to playing festivals such as SXSW, MAGfest, Hopscotch, and CMJ to performing with MCLARS, Shinobi Ninja, Fresh Kils, I Fight Dragons, Louis Logic, DJ CUTMAN, Hawthorne Heights, and The Protomen, D&D Sluggers have taken the party everywhere and rocked with some of the best acts in nerd rock and indie.

“D&D Sluggers' songs layer a current of distorted guitar above the Nintendo madness, fleshing out the duo's alt-rock tendencies. It's easy, for instance, to imagine DDS as a sort of geek-rock Pixies… D&D Sluggers seem to have found an approach that offers more than 8-bit gimmicks and comic-shop in-jokes.” - Bryan Reed

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