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Formed: 2003
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Damage Done (fka Manchild)

There are three known artists with the name Damage Done: 1.) an alternative rock/metal band from greece. formed in kos island in 2003. their first album called "stories never told" was released in february 2009 by pan-vox. the band consists of theodosis chatzistergos on guitars and keyboard miki drosos bass guitar, and Grigoris Mathioudakis on drums. http://www.damagedone.org/ http://myspace.com/damagedonegr http://www.youtube.com/user/teolixx 2.) A band playing hardcore with some metal-elements from Germany http://www.damagedone.net/ 3.) An alternative band from Italy with some gothic rock elements. http://www.damagedone.it/ 4.) A punk/pop punk/hardcore band from Seattle, Wa

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