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Formed: 2010
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Dads could refer to four current bands: 1. Indie band from Ann Arbor, MI by way of Piscataway, NJ. / / / / Instagram: @wearentdads 2. Tampa, FL Grateful Dad idiot shit. Invisible Blouse 7" (1st press on Soft Languages, 2nd press forthcoming on Wharf Cat) Hat Creek 7" (Katorga Works) Bubular Tubes 7" (Wharf Cat) Brown on Brown LP on Wharf Cat Records coming summer 2012 3. Dads is Tom Iansek, one half of eclectic indie duo Big Scary. The Melbourne songwriter laid down a full album of solo recordings in late 2010 that would eventually be gathered under the Dads moniker. Recorded variously in his garage, bedroom and living room, Iansek's Dads recordings bear a similar, wide reaching, anything goes approach to that of Big Scary. 4. Dads is a three piece pop punk band from Milwaukee, WI.

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"Do You Still Think Of Me?"
"Take Back Today"
"Grand Edge, Mi"
"Chewing Ghosts"
"My Crass Patch"
"Only You"
"The Romantic Ocean"
"Sunburnt Jet Wings"
"Sold Year / Transitions"
"Fake Knees"
"You Hold Back"
"You Hold Back"
"My Crass Patch"
"Groin Twerk"
"Shit Twins"

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