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Common Misconception

Band From Detroit, MI From humble beginnings, Common Misconception went through various lineup changes, but guitarist Adam Mandarino and drummer Caleb Christner were always at the band's heart. Former members include Dain Fordell, on bass and vocals, Jim Deline, on bass, and Mike Wright on vocals. Once the group was joined by Trevor Smith, they really started to come into their own. Then Jim Deline was replaced on bass by former "roadie" Art Estrada, and the Common Misconception of today was born. Common Misconception has played shows throughout the metro Detroit area and can always bring a crowd. The band has opened for many big bands, including The Briggs, Blueprint 76, Mae and Eve 6. On their first full-length album, Common Misconception shows their devotion to music. The band recorded with former Suicide Machines bassist Royce Nunley, and after nearly five years in the making, Rock and Roll Salvation is really something to be proud of. With its gnarly guitar riffs, wicked drum beats, and true to life lyrics, Common Misconception has emerged from the high school scene and grown into a band to be reckoned with.

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