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Formed: 2005
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Child Bite

The foundation for Child Bite's quirky instrumentals and noisy pop gems comes in the form of Zach Norton's fuzzedout bass & Danny Sperry's hectic drumming. Shawn Knight's guitar & keyboards poke in and out from song to song, along with his signature vocal warble. The music is a combination of punk vigor and avant-garde ideals; the infusing of unconventional sounds with palatable arrangements. In the midst of recording albums for their other bands, Knight, Norton & Sperry thought it would be a good idea to tackle yet another project. Child Bite was formed in late 2005 with an experimental writing style in mind; to document a handful of improvised sessions and later edit them down to concise arrangements for the band to learn. Recorded in two days at Chicago's Phantom Manor, the eleven songs featured on "Wild Feast" are the outcome of this process.

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