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Burns Like Fire

They are stewed, screwed,and tattoo'd band out of Athens, ga. With the influences from strike anythere, the flatliners, against me and have the strong sound like the lawrence arms. This should explain how fun and cool these guys are this is a statement form there Myspace. www.myspace.com/burnslikefiremusic "We are new to the neighborhood. We wanted to let you know we may get a little loud, we may have a lot of friends over, there might be underage drinking, there might be naked people on the lawn chasing each other with your garden hose. But we really just came over to tell you about ourselves and what you are bout to get into, cause you are more than welcome to come over and hang out and have a beer or two or hell six... but mainly we just didnt want you to call the cops. So come on over and ENJOY THE PARTY. WE ARE BURNS LIKE FIRE, AND WANT YOU TO ENJOY YOUYRSELVES."

Burns Like Fire Videos (7)

"Bringing The Haymaker"
": You And Me"
": Last Dance"
": Grey Skies"
"King Of Satire"
"Whiskey And Warpaint"
": Totally Worth It"