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Formed: 2013
Hometown: Gainesville, FL
Upcoming Shows: 0
Boyfriend Material

Shauna Healey, better known in Florida as "Boyfriend Material", is no stranger to being on the road. Boyfriend Material has been touring since the day of it's conception. Healey's sense of adventure and endearing tunes make her live performances ensnaring. Her bittersweet lyrics and slightly sarcastic delivery have captured the heart of the local music scene. Boyfriend Material has grown a reputation in Florida for playing on bills with hardcore bands and the scene can't seem to get enough! The acceptance of these diverse shows in the local music community has been tremendous. The same guy that was hardcore dancing five minutes ago is now shoosh'ing you to hear the acoustic singer/songwriter.

Boyfriend Material Videos (1)

"Conor + Madison Live @ Fest 13 (gainesville, Fl)"