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Formed: 2000
Hometown: Gainesville, FL
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Album review for Proto (Satellite Magazine 2003, Michael White)

Bound’s first release, Proto, comes at a time of crossroads for the band. It captures the crystallized rub of sound/vision the group has been cultivating in venues and practice rooms around Gainesville for more than a year and a half. It is a moment in time when the group expands its vocabulary, and creates a more dense sonic palate.

The seven tracks on Proto ebb effortlessly with bowed and strummed drone-n-yearn, plaintive voice, impeccable drumming, mantra-like propulsion, and the occasional bleat of electronic burble. The music of Bound defies easy comparison but would sit nicely alongside a concise, post-Velvets Nico, a less psych-tempered Opal, and the finer arranged bits of tonal Cat Power.

Pat Pagano, a veteran of numerous local bands, and relative newcomer Kathy Sohar wrote and arranged the songs on Proto. Along with drummer Clay Wells, they are joined on this recording by Erica Pittman (cello) and Grace Howell (viola/vocals). The end result is a compelling piece of minimalist drone-scrape-folk that merely hints at this band’s potential.

Bounds 2nd album Mirth was released in 2005 (w/ Kathy Sohar, Pat Pagano, Clay Wells, Grace Howell and Andrew Hullett)

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"Song For Grace By From The Mirth Album 2005. Gainesville, Fl"