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Formed: 1993
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Black Lodge

Black Lodge was a doom metal band from Stavanger, Norway. Originally named SekstiSoneSatan. The band was formed in 1993 and split up after the release of their only album in 1995. Cold, bleak, dissonant doom metal with female singing and deep growls (but hardly one of the "beauty and the beast" bands that are so prominent in metal). An interesting doom band that uses plenty of experimentation. Musically, they have some similarities with old Unholy due to the avantgarde and unconventional song structures. Very little is known about this band other than their release on Head Not Found/Voices of Wonder entitled 'Covet'. Note: If you are here for the French industrial black metal band, please fix your tags, the correct name is Blacklodge. If you are here for the native American group, please fix your tags, the correct name is Black Lodge Singers.

Black Lodge Videos (15)

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"Who Let The Dogs Out"
"Oh Shucks"
"Hold My Hand"
"Smoothy But Goody"
"Wild Summer Nights"
"Dancin’ Queen"

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