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Formed: 1990
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Bedroom is the moniker for three different artists: 1. the folk-pop project of Albert Aromir from Barcelona. 2. the bedroom-pop / chillwave project of Noah Kittinger from Nashville, TN. 3. the ambient-electronic project of Michael Chau based out of Brooklyn, NY. Signed to the Tranquility Tapes label. 1. BEDROOM (Taken from Bandcamp) Intimista, oníric, líric i crepuscular, Bedroom és el projecte pop-folk de l'il·lustrador Albert Aromir. Amb una veu greu, guitarra de jazz, bateria d'escombretes, fràgils veus femenines, piano, contrabaix i una trompeta, Bedroom ha pogut telonejar a Bill Callahan o Jolie Holland, ha posat música al cinema d'Isabel Coixet i ha gravat els seus discs dins bungalows... Translation: Intimate, dreamlike, lyrical and twilight, Bedroom is a project of the pop-folk illustrator Albert aroma. With a serious voice, jazz guitar, brushes on drums, fragile female voices, piano, bass and trumpet, has been Bedroom telonejar Bill Callahan or Jolie Holland has put music to film by Isabel Coixet and recorded their disks in bungalows... 2. BEDROOM "In the below context, Bedroom stands for three things. It is the solo project of Nashville's Noah Kittinger, the setting of his recording environment, and the sentimental memories of one's living space." - earmilk. Kittinger's first contribution to the musical world, Toys EP, dealt with a time of depression in the young Bedroom life. Through his writings and minimalist dream pop aura, he was able to deal with the times as well as connect with other ears around the blogosphere quite quickly. It has been self-released digitally as well as in a limited cassette tape edition through Furious Hooves. 3. Bedroom effectively harnesses the power of the Moog in an impressive variety of ways, churning out passages of spine-tingling melody, mechanical sequences, and drones that hover high above the clouds. It all flows together magnificently, and what's left behind is an expressive, complex work that's as sensitive and beautiful as it is muscular and intense

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