Bears and Lions PROFILE

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Formed: 1989
Hometown: Gainesville
Upcoming Shows: 0
Bears and Lions

The talented circus Bear and Lion could be found finishing up each night's show by playing their guitars for the crowded audience of circus goers. The Bear and Lion, once wild and free, were handed two guitars and taught to perform, and perform they did. And every night after they played their wild hearts out, the Bearded Lady would bring them their reward: pancakes. They loved pancakes. With syrup. With butter. Even with fruit, they did enjoy them so. And while a belly full of pancakes was always completely satisfying, they also wanted more. They had plans. They dreamed of escaping the circus someday and traveling to a magical place called "Hollywood" where they heard they could eat pancakes everyday, maybe meet Walter Matthau, and never have to sleep in a cage again. A pretty good deal to the Bear and Lion. Finally one evening their dream came true when their only friend the half-animal, half-human Bearded Lady, slipped them the key to get free between a quadruple stack of pancakes. And this is where their adventure really begins. They soon embark on a journey to create the world's greatest animal club in the woods and meet many talented and amazing animals along the way. Those animals' stories of fear, love, overcoming the odds, and working together inspired them to write songs about their own journey and realize they had it all wrong. They had to make room for a different dream. A bigger dream. A dream of the greatest animal club in the woods the world has ever seen where all animals can get along.