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Bass Line Bums started in Del Rio, TX in the spring of 2005 with Marc and Joseph deciding to start a band and play whatever the hell they wanted. Marc(drums) and Joseph (lead guitar/vocals) had both been in bands together and had played in other bands, but they wanted to combine all of what they knew into one big project. With the addition of there first bass player Chris Nuno, they all packed up and moved to Austin, TX. The trio put out their first E.P. in 2006 called "Out on the Town". They designed there own merchandise with the help of friends and toured up the mid-west touching both borders of the United States. Chris left the band in 2008 to continue his education to become a teacher. Josh Emmett then jumped on drums and Marc naturally started playing bass. The band continued to tour the United States and released a full length album in 2009 called "Back to the Grind". After recording a full length album, months of touring the mid-west and both the east and west coast, Josh left the band in 2010. Since then BLB has been through a few line-up changes, but the two core members still remain. In 2011 Bass Line Bums were signed to Splatterhouse Wreckords with whom they have release a full length record in 2012 called "Gettin By".

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