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A baseline is a line that is a base for measurement or for construction; see datum (calculations or comparisons) or point of reference (engineering or science).
The word baseline may refer to:
baseline (configuration management), the process of managing change,
baseline (sea), the starting point for delimiting a coastal state's maritime zones
Baselines of the Chinese territorial sea,
Baselines of Indonesia,
baseline (surveying), the principal east-west line that divides survey townships between north and south,
baseline (typography), the line upon which most letters "sit" and below which descenders extend,
baseline (budgeting), an estimate of budget expected during a fiscal year,
baseline (medicine), information found at the beginning of a study,
baseline (pharmacology), a person's state of mind or being, in the absence of drugs,
the isoelectric line of an electrocardiogram,
baseline (interferometry), the length of an astronomical interferometer,
The name Baseline may refer to:
Baseline (magazine), a magazine devoted to typography, book arts, graphic design,
Baseline (database), a TV and movie industry database,
Baselines (album), the 1983 debut album of composer Bill Laswell,
Baseline Road (Colorado), a major east-west artery in Boulder, Colorado,
Baseline Road (Ottawa), a major east-west artery in Ottawa, Ontario,
Baseline Road (Arizona), a major east-west artery in Phoenix, Arizona,
Baseline Station (OC Transpo), a transitway station in Ottawa,
Base Line, Arkansas,
Baseline Nunataks,
Baseline Rock,
It may also refer to:
the base line in baseball,
the back line on a tennis court, and also a style of play in tennis; see tennis strategy,
the end line on a basketball court,
a bassline in music,
a shifting baseline in statistics,
Baseline Killer, one of the two simultaneously occurring serial killer cases which terrorized the Phoenix metro area, between August 2005 and June 2006

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