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Hometown: Gainesville, FL
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The band, pronounced (AH-VER-KYOO) released their debut album "Throwing Sparks" on Nov. 11th 2007 courtesy of Gainesville, Florida's own Clairecords and Barracuda Sound. Soon after the band released the 7" single "Wasted and High" (which was recorded in the same sessions as the LP) b/w "No One's Holding A Gun To Your Head (previously titled You Wouldn't Be Here)". Additionally, the single features a digital download of the acoustic track "Jersey". In 2008, "C86 Me" was released on No Idea Record's compilation "#1 Reason to Move to Gainesville". Sadly, the releases compile yet but a handful of the band's most noteworthy tracks, many of which were never completely recorded and released prior to the line-up change in 2009. Averkiou currently features original guitarists/vocalists Matt Brink and Jay Shusterman, with their previous lead guitarist, David Quarles now playing bass. Original bassist Chad Darby, left to join Chris Wollard and Ship Thieves. In addition, drummer James Hernandez was replaced by Brad Purvis (drummer of Gainesville band, Moonbeard). Their sound is a mix of indie pop, rock, and shoegaze. The three guitarists play heavily layered rock, much like Hum, Sebadoh, or the Lilys. Averkiou is currently in the process of recording a yet-to-be titled EP.

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"Give Em What He Wants"
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"Holland & Headaches"
"Sudden Death, Over Time"
"Girls Go Out"

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