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ATS can mean:


1 Societies,
2 Systems,
3 Services,
4 Schools,
5 Other,

Adventist Theological Society,
American Temperance Society, an early American civic organization promoting temperance,
American Thoracic Society, a society for lung physicians, health related professionals and researchers,

Airport Transit System, a rail system at Chicago O'Hare International Airport,
Alberta Township System, a land surveying system used in Western Canada,
Alternative Trading Systems, the SEC's general classification for equity exchange alternatives in US equity trading,
Amtrak Telephone System, an internal network,
Antarctic Treaty System,
Applicant tracking system,
ATS Automation Tooling Systems,
Automated Targeting System, a United States government rating system used to help assess the probability that a visitor to the U.S. is a terrorist or criminal,
Automated trading system,

Air traffic service,
Assistive technology service provider,
Automatic transfer service account,
Auxiliary Territorial Service, the women's branch of the British Army in World War II,

Ai Tong School, a primary school in Singapore,
Archbishop Temple School, a Church of England high school, United Kingdom,
Archbishop Tenison's Church of England schools (disambiguation), also called Archbishop Tenison's Schools,
Asbury Theological Seminary, a Methodist seminary based in Wilmore, Kentucky,
Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada, the primary accreditation agency for North American seminaries,

A Thin Shell, the third full album by October Tide,
A Thousand Suns, the fourth studio album by Linkin Park,
Algal Turf Scrubber,
Alien Tort Statute,
American Tribal Style Belly Dance,
Amphetamine-type stimulant,
Angel (TV series) (AtS),
Anti-Terrorist Squad (disambiguation),
Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia, Liberia,
Advanced Training School, a training program founded in the TX Wing of the U.S. Civil Air Patrol,
Audio Title Set, one of the directories present on a DVD, see DVD-Audio,
Australian Treaty Series,
Austrian schilling, the ISO 4217 currency code for the former currency of Austria,
Automate The Schools, the Student Information System of the New York City Department of Education,
Automatic train stop,
Automatic Transfer switch, in an electrical system, switches power automatically to a generator or other standby power source after a power interruption.,
Automobili Turismo e Sport, an Italian low-volume automotive manufacturer and Formula One team that operated between 1962 and 1965,
ATS (programming language),
ATS (wheels), a German wheel manufacturer that was active as a Formula One team from 1977 to 1984,
ATS Euromaster, European tyre service supplier,
Alpha Theta Sigma, a Filipino fraternity - see List of fraternities and sororities in the Philippines,
Above Top Secret, an internet forum,
Athens Tourism Symposium,
Auxiliary Territorial Service - the women's branch of the British Army during World War II,
Cadillac ATS - A rival to the BMW 3 series from Cadillac,
Anime Talk Show, a 2004 Adult Swim television special,
IBM Administrative Terminal System (ATS/360),

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