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Formed: 1990
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1) Ascendance is a 4 piece Deathcore band from Orange, NSW. There EP entitled 'Quarantine' is now on there facebook page for free. 2) Ascendance is a dubstep/EDM producer from Philadelphia. He is signed to LU10 records and released his first EP 'Come Find Me' on March 5th, 2012. 3) Ascendence is a two piece 90's trance group comprised of David Österberg & Martin Landquist. They had 2 EP's out on Planet Rhythm Records. 4) Ascendance is a 5-piece metal-core band out of Vernon, TX. They recently completed their first EP, titled "Legacy." Justin Johnson - Vocals Tyler Edens - Guitar Jarrett De Los Santos - Guitar Dustin Duncan - Drums Cody Brothers - Bass

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"Rise (justice Dub).wmv"
"Come Find Me (phrenik Remix)"
"Spencer: Destroyer Of Worlds"
"| Zero Gravity"
"Meet Extinction"
"Cold Hearted Queen"
"Quarantine (official Lyric Video)"
"This Nightmare"
"Tag You’re It"
"| Twisted World (official Lyric Video)"

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