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Formed: 2010
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Argentina is the solo project of Alex Ritchie, a Brisbane based producer and songwriter. Early 2012 will see the release of an EP, as well as live shows. Argentina is the stage name of Spanish Flamenco singer Argentina Maria (17 June 1984). She was born in Huelva, and raised in El Carmen. She started her singing career in a local band at age 14. In December 2005, she signed her first recording contract as a solo artist. Her debut album was released in spring 2006 on Locomotive Musics Al Compas label. The singer attended various Flamenco festivals and received number of awards ever since. For more information Also, Argentina is a Gainesville, FL band, formed in 2000ish. shelf life of a good several years. epic record: Diving Board. Alex Lopez, Drew DeMaio, Tim Kirkpatrick, Mario Lopez, Former Members:Roy Styles.

Argentina Videos (15)

"Acordándome De Chano (garrotin Y Cantes De Piyayo)"
"La Isla De León Cantiñas"
"Se Me Perdio En Sevilla"
"Nana Del SueÑo"
": Se Me Perdió En Sevilla"
"Summer Time"
"Suspiros Da El Alma"
"Baby Don’t You Break My Heart"
"Estación Jabugo Galaroza (fandangos)"
"Summer Time"
". Es Cai, Señores"
". El Vapor Por El Agua"
"Comparable A Tu Hermosura (fandango De Huelva)"
"Las Palabras (tangosrumba)"
"Summer Time"