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Hometown: Gainesville, FL
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Ann Pragg

Ann Pragg is the alter ego of Gainesville, Florida's Matt Radick (Holopaw, Blood River). His sound is a hard one to pin down. He blends the intimacy of Nick Drake, along with the brooding of Smog or Richard Buckner, with a pop sensibility. Is it gypsy blues? Desert pop? Swamp folk? Whatever it is, its infectious, the melodies brightening an underlying loneliness to the music that's both eerie and desperately appealing. His lyrics examine our relationships to everything- one another, inanimate objects, memories, time, dust, self-doubt, light. You can't make out every word, but that wouldn't be the point. A soft veil settles over everything, as if pointing to the mysteries that will always keep their answers just beyond our reach.

Ann Pragg Videos (2)

"Demolition Dust (official Music Video)"
"On January 25, 2014 At O’leno State Park"