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Formed: 2000
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Adam and the Plastic

There is more than one band that has used the name Adam - 1- A Slovenian alternative rock sub-supergroup, consisting of members of Srečna mladina, Gušti & Polona, Tide and Anavrin with their 2010 debut album Alfa full with 18 songs produced and recorded by Adam ( Peter Dekleva - guitar, back vocals Damir Lisica - vocals, theremin, keys Anej Kočevar - bass Gregor Jakac - drums 2 - In the late 90's early 2000's, there was a band named Adam that released the album "shin jin rui". They were an alternative Christian rock band whose sound fell somewhere in between The Cure and The Sonic Youth. They received radio airplay on the Effect Radio Network and achieved only minor success due to their unconventional Christian sound. They didn't play what was popular, but instead they played the music that was in their hearts to portray the life of Christ in themselves. 3 - Another band, Adam, used-to-be dj and current music lover, loves to assemble some of his favorite tracks together on the computer and share the mixes with friends. 4 - Male Lebanese vocalist who is seen as one of the most promising young voices in the Arab World. Adam's claim to fame was hit single, Hatha Ana. 5 - Emcee from New York City, formerly known as Adam Warlock and also known as Nasa. ADAM has released two albums as of early 2012. Dark Weapons (from Mars) which was based on his apartment being robbed and the violent thoughts that the incident sparked and The Early Life of ADAM which recapped all of his vital works since his solo career began. Most of his production comes via his alter ego behind the boards, Nasa. But he's also known to work with Willie Green, Black-Tokyo, Agartha Audio, Waatu, Megabusive, Subtitle and more. This ADAM is always all caps and is associated with Uncommon Records.

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