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27 Club

Without question one of the most original groups in today's music scene, 'The 27 club' are building up a massive following everywhere they go. This group has an explosive live presence with 7 members serving up fresh slabs of funk, hip hop, rock and more. Following their first UK tour in 2007, The 27 Club have signed a 3 year record deal with independent London label, 'Regen Records', and are set for big moves with the debut album release in summer 2008, the self entitled "The 27 Club". Their sound is a coming together of a huge variety of influences covering funk, rock and hip hop. They have supported Skinny Man, the Freestylers and Billy Bragg amongst others. "Incredible energetic feel-good bonanza of joy" Narc Magazine, November 2007. www.myspace.com/the27clubmusic www.regenrecords.com

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